Glossy Talk: Vogue leads glossy readership increases

Glossy Talk: Vogue leads glossy readership increases

Australian Vogue won back its well-heeled status in 2010 with a readership increase of 14.8% reflecting overall health for the fashion and lifestyle magazine segments.

Vogue registered 165,000 more monthly readers than its ACP rival Harper's BAZAAR last year. While Harper's out-sold Vogue by 6,500-odd copies each month – a slew of cover-mounts, Australia's Next Top Model coverage and an impressive line-up of covers helping to lure mag-stand browsers – the readership figures suggest that Vogue still has a valued place in the media consumption habits of Australian fashionistas.

"It dominates with a 46.6% share of [the premium fashion and women's lifestyle] segment and remains the ultimate fashion bible," says Mark Kelly, group publisher, lifestyle, at News Magazines. "Our focus on engaging with our audiences through the highest quality content above promotional gimmicks is leading to increased readership, which is the best measure."

Pacific Magazines' fashion monthly marie claire – Australia's most-read fashion magazine (though perceived by some to be more 'women's lifestyle' than fashiony) – also posted a solid year-on-year performance, gaining 48,000 more readers in 2010, representing a 10% increase. Its closest rival, ACP's madison, experienced a nominal increase, too.

However, Pacific's In Style didn't fare as well, losing 11.2% of its readership while maintaining relatively modest sales, and SHOP Til You Drop also took a readership hit, declining10.7%.

In the women's lifestyle segment, CLEO posted a healthy gain, in keeping with momentum from the September readership survey, while Frankie lost some reader love. The Australian Women's Weekly remains the country's most well-read glossy.

With News Magazines' Notebook: closing last year (leaving its 258,000 odd readers to consider supplement titles), Park St set to increase visibility of ACP's glossy editors via the TV and marie claire's Jackie Frank facing the TV cameras, too, the next round of readership results will certainly tell an interesting story... will fashion, Frank and frivolity usurp momentum for food?


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shopgirl said...

So how does it work if VOGUE's readership is growing but their circulation is dropping?
Looks to me like women like SAYING they read VOGUE (as that is the way readership is measured) more than they do purchasing it - because let's face it for the $8.50 you pay for an issue - you do not get a lot of original content from VOGUE Australia. It's probably the poorest international edition of VOGUE in the world which might be why Australia is the only country where Harper's BAZAAR outsells VOGUE. Quality sells.