Glossy Talk: ACP's Deborah Thomas talks to B&T

Glossy Talk: ACP's Deborah Thomas did not want to become "the John Howard of magazines" (magazines are not the John Howard of digital age)

"People are saying ‘what’s going to happen when everybody gets the magazine for free [with apps]? But they’re not, there’s a price on them. Everything supposedly kills something else but it doesn’t. The media is more fragmented than ever, I’ll give you that, but if you can get a magazine in print or through the iPad, whichever suits you, that’s fantastic. I actually think the iPad is going to introduce a whole new group of readers to magazines, the younger generation who may have strayed away from them... I mean the whole thing about magazines that we keep pushing is that people pay for these.

 - Deborah Thomas, General Manager - Editorial and Advertising Projects, Women’s Lifestyle at ACP Magazines; former editorial director, The Australian Women's Weekly

Source: B&T Weekly