Media Talk: Arianna Huffington + Tina Brown in Harper's BAZAAR

Media Talk: Arianna Huffington + Tina Brown in Harper's BAZAAR

"The Web is so interactive. We all pick up Huffington Post scoops, and Huffington Post picks up ours, because we all need the traffic. We can't afford not to. At a different moment in media, if I were editing the New York Daily News and Arianna were editing the New York Post, maybe that kind of contest would be more of a smackdown, but I honestly don't think that the new media world is about that. Everybody likes to crow when their own news organization gets a scoop, but it doesn't feel we're both racing to get an interview with Joe Biden or whomever.

We live in an era when it's almost like people are anxious not to get so cutthroat because you never know where you're going to wind up in a partnership. As the economy is linked, you find you're doing things together, and you may as well have good relationships.

What we are doing [with Newsweek/The Daily Beast] is that the digital side will be driving the print side rather than the other way around. The energy and the ideas laboratory will be the Daily Beast, and out of that the magazine will form itself as the foil to that. Instead of thinking, How do we make a Web site that extends the magazine? it's more about the energy coming from the Web site that will be developed in print." 

- Tina Brown, editor-in-chief, Newsweek and The Daily Beast 

Following this week's announcement of Arianna Huffington's $315 million deal with AOL and last week's confirmation of a Newsweek merger with Tina Brown's The Daily Beast, Harper's BAZAAR's Elisa Lipsky-Karasz sat down with two of America's foremost female media guns to talk about online rivalries, dealing with bad press and women in positions of power. It's a great get. And, coincidentally, it comes in the same week former Hearst magazines president Cathie Black is profiled, somewhat unfavourably, by New York Magazine.

Read the full interview at Harper's online.

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It has been such an interesting time for online media. Harper's must be thrilled to get this interview.