Glossy Talk: Good news for Frankie and Harper's BAZAAR

Glossy Talk: Circulation is good news for Frankie and Harper's BAZAAR

While the fashion and women's lifestyle categories suffered near across-the-board losses, there were two good news stories: Morrison Media's Frankie posted a 32.6% circulation increase and ACP's Harper's BAZAAR lifted its game by 6.6%.

The bi-monthly Frankie (a member of the Audit Bureau's "Special Interest" category) had an average of 50,832 copy sales per issue in the year to December 2010, up from 46,684 in 2009, while Harper's BAZAAR attracted 58,776 monthly sales, up from 55,130 the previous year.

"Of course we are really chuffed with the results," says Frankie editor Jo Walker. "It is lovely to have more readers enjoying Frankie, our little team is really pleased. We really still just fill the mag with things we like and are interested in, and people respond to that."

The fashion and women's lifestyle categories both contracted in 2010, registering 8.2% and 3.8% losses respectively. ACP's Cleo posted the biggest sales loss, declining 14.1% to 110,081 copies in the audit, followed by Pacific Magazines' Marie Claire, which lost 6.2% to give it average monthly sales of 105,658.

Vogue Australia's sales fell 3.3% to 52,211, followed by InStyle (-2.7% to 60,128), Cosmopolitan (-1.1% to 150,346) and Madison (-0.9% to 89,312). Sales of The Australian Women's Weekly fell 3.2% to 486,179 copies.

Together with Frankie and Harper's BAZAAR, positive circulation results for Women's Health, which gained 2.5% in sales (now 93,959 per month), and SHOP Til You Drop (up 0.3% to 83,261) suggest that glossies with distinctive content and market positioning are faring relatively well in the age of diverse free online content.

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Vinda Sonata said...

frankie's covers are great. i love the simplicity applied to the layouts. it's good to read many informations about fashion magazine publications.
your posts are always great !
keep up the good work !

Juju said...

I love this! Frankie is a really good read, you can’t even compare it to magazines like Cleo. These stats really reflect what young women are after. We’ve been saturated with oversexualised and vain crap for too long. Magazines like Cleo provide a false point of reference when it comes to love – whether its about loving yourself (insert perfectly airbrushed advertisement here) or loving your other half (insert step by step guide on how to induce self-consciousness here) more mags like Frankie should be out there, I say!

Laura said...

Yay for Frankie! They always have such insightful and thought-provoking stories in there, and they are always all so well-written.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if there was a push away from the superficial then surely Yen would have rated a mention in the stats, as well as Frankie. Personally, I do find Frankie superficial too, just in a more 'alternative-indie' way; and that demographic are obviously one that buy magazines.

GT said...

Does anyone know why Vogue dropped its monthly horoscopes? It was a nice treat at the end of an issue...

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

Yen isn't currently part of the Audit Bureau's circulation report - publishers have to opt-in.

Full stat tables to come.


eliza said...

That's so good for Frankie. It's a fantastic magazine, such a contrast to Cleo, Cosmo and the like which I personally can't stand! I'm happy to see it's doing well!