Media Talk: Paula Joye on declining magazine circulation

Media Talk: Paula Joye on declining magazine circulation 

"It's like the Google algorithm – elusive and always changing. It's not just media fragmentation; not just the generational shift; not just relevance or quality of the product; not just perceived disinterest in 'old media'. It's petrol prices, lipstick sales, school holidays – the strangest things influence magazine sales. Always have."

Paula Joye, editor LifeStyled and former editor of Madison, SHOP Til You Drop and Cleo, talking to Caroline Overington in The Australian


Dana said...

it didn't link to the article?

I'd hazard a suggestion that readers are tiring of the same old:
Celebrity Scandal
Weight Loss special (soon to be followed by a body love special)
Same old rehashed articles on love, money etc...

Reading a Cosmo/CLeo is so repetitive year after year - why bother anymore?

Anonymous said...

Laura said:

Completely agree with you Dana.