Short & Sweet - week beginning April 7

Another long Labor Day weekend greets Queenslanders today, a welcome reward for politicians partaking in two Saturday elections within six weeks. At the federal level, the carbon tax looms like last night's full moon over the delivery of Wayne Swan's budget, while Fran├žois Hollande has taken the French presidency from Nicola Sarkozy. This possibly means less deliberation over Carla Bruni's wardrobe in the press.

Let's catch up: After three blissful days away last week studying the book of Hebrews on a balcony where I watched a rainbow touch the sea (and took a photo so you could see), I gathered myself to preach at church on Sunday in an utter state of spiritual bliss. God had roused me from sleep and delivered His message on paper at 5.45am on Saturday morning. Being me, and prone to over-research and over-writing and over-thinking, I came back to the message on Saturday afternoon. And overcomplicated everything. Of course, 'twas not me but the Gospel and Jesus that resonated on the day, prompted by a few divine things, which put me in the right swing, right space. Good thing, that grace. I might share part of the sermon – watch this space.
This week's agenda: Many errands to run in addition to the task of generating an income (fun!).
The Word for the Week: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15
Quote for the Week: "Comment is free but facts are sacred." Charles C Scott, British journalist, editor of the Manchester Guardian, 1872-1929 word for the week: fulcrum \FOOL-kruhm\, noun:
1. The support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns.
2. Any prop or support.
3. Zoology. Any of various structures in an animal serving as a hinge or support.
1. To fit with a fulcrum; put a fulcrum on.
"The Australian parliament now sits on a fulcrum with the balance of power tipped the way of the independents and a Budget that needs to be passed. That's 70 Labor seats, 71 coalition, 7 others (including Craig Thomson) and the Speaker (-1)."
Reading: 'What money can't buy: trading in the souls of men' by the Archbishop of Canterbury @ ABC Religion & Ethics; 'Other people have an interest in your not writing. I was self-destructive, no questions' @ SMH; Faith Under Fire: What the Middle East Conflict Has Taught Me About God by Andrew White

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