Arts, Culture & Entertainment - 24th May 2012

Excitement! Anthology magazine's latest issue is out, and the theme? "Whit & Whimsy".
Anthology magazine is the independent product of two creatives who were unable to accept that readers no longer wanted to hold something tangible in their hands. Each issue is conceived as a collection of stories all centred around a theme, printed on more than 120 pages of eco-friendly matte stock - it really is a treat! In this latest issue you can expect to find a round-up of products that will hopefully bring a smile to your face, a road trip through California, and a spread titled "Anatomy of Ice Cream". To top it all off with an extra sprinkle of joy, you can watch the latest issue's very own trailer here, oh wah! 

Somewhat on the topic of reading, Anna Funder's book All That I Am has been announced as the winner of the Barbara Jefferis Award for 2012. The award is offered each year for the "the best novel written by an Australian author that depicts women and girls in a positive way or otherwise empowers the status of women and girls in society". All That I Am describes the dark days that build towards the second world war in the lives of German political exiles at home and in London. In narrator Ruth Blatt and her cousin Dora Fabian, Funder creates two complex and fascinating heroines who pursue the possibilities, and suffer the consequences of, both action and inaction in times of great peril. Steeped in a little-known area of modern history, this novel explores the nuances of the committed political life, friendship and love, and the broader human qualities of passion and idealism.

The Temper Trap have released their second self-titled album, telling their Australian fans "We are really excited that you guys finally get to hear the record. It feels like we've been away from you all for so long now. We've put our hearts and souls into these new tracks and we are really proud of the way the album has turned out - we hope you all dig it too." The album peaked at #1 on the Australian iTunes chart just moments after its release and the feedback from around the world has been immensely positive. Kudos, boys! 

The Fifth Human Rights Arts & Film Festival is currently underway in Melbourne until the 27th May, when it will start moving around the rest of the country. The festival provides a shared site where artists, human rights organisations and the Australian public are united in their desire to contribute to social change. It celebrates artists who explore the complex issue of human rights and are motivated by a desire to contribute a new, creative voice to the debate.
    "HRAFF recognises that human rights issues can be overwhelming, and aims not only to raise awareness, but also to redirect the debate towards a more positive and productive outcome. The message we hope to transmit is one focused on change, inspiration, passion, creativity, inclusion, and most of all, possibility." 

Sydney's Vivid Ideas Festival kicks off after dark tomorrow, lighting up the Opera House sails with a colourful projected artwork by the German design collective URBANSCREEN. Ranked among the top ten global ideas festivals by UK newspaper The Guardian, Vivid Sydney is a major celebration of the creative industries and the biggest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere - attracting over 400,000 attendees last year. With a plethora of happenings until the 11th June, Vivid Sydney is set to be an amazing event.

Dumbo Feather magazine has announced its debut of Dumbo Feather Conversations. Described by the team as "conversations with extraordinary people", the event is essentially a live interview with a very laid-back feel, inclusive of audience interaction and casual networking over nibbles and drinks. The first extraordinary person to take a seat on the 'conversation sofa' is Chad Dickerson - the CEO of handmade e-commerce phenomenon, Etsy. The event will run on the 5th June, from 6pm 'til 8pm at 11 Princes Street, St. Kilda, Melbourne (Dumbo Feather HQ). Click here to book your tickets!

Brisbanites have until the 19th August to step several thousands years back in time at 'the mummy exhibiton'. Starting with a thoroughly interesting 3D movie, Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb is an exhibition from the British Museum which showcases, among other things, four Egyptian mummies. Though not an overly huge exhibition, some of the artefacts that you are able to see and read about are truly amazing - and hey, you get to see four mummies (notably inside their bindings and coffins - no real mummy flesh to be seen).

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