Autumnal notes - Hello from Sophie & Brooke

Autumnal notes: Hello from Sophie & Brooke

Autumn. A time of change – the transition from summer into winter. Long, sunny days give way to shorter, cooler ones; lush, green foliage becomes all shades of amber in the now brisk, dry air. The light becomes softer, the jackets and scarves make their debut, and the smell of smoke sits in the afternoon air as houses are warmed inside.

It is a beautiful time, an air of calm seems to blanket each day and though the summer-lovers may long for their days by the beach and evening barbecues, the cooler-climate souls are in their element rugged up by the fire, or skipping pink-cheeked through the crisp air under cloudless blue skies.

Stemming from the Latin word autumnus, the word “autumn” entered into common speech around 16th Century and is thought to refer to “the season of plenty”. Before this time, “harvest was the term usually used to refer to the season. However, as more people moved from working the land to living in towns, the word “harvest” lost its reference to the season and came to represent to the actual act of reaping, while “autumn” (as well as “fall”) began to replace it.

As it happens this autumn, The Girl With A Satchel herself has made a dash to Cambodia to work with Destiny Rescue (see ‘a blogging sabbatical’), leaving the blog in the excited hands of myself (Sophie) and Brooke to help it on its way. How fitting that we say hello with an autumnal post – celebrating this beautiful season of change, and our 'harvesting' of interesting little things to show you all over the next few weeks.
One of my favourite aspects of autumn (though I love it all so much!) is how wonderfully picturesque the season is. Autumn light is soft and pleasant (warming yourself up in the Autumn sun never seems to become too heated – its always ‘just right’), while the liquidambars around town become wonderful shades of gold, auburn and dusty red with their leaves gradually falling to the ground.  And so, in celebration of this vividly changing season (it really makes me a happy lass), my camera and I hopped around town in the cool air to bring you some photographs, purely for your enjoyment.

(click on the photos to enlarge and open slideshow)

Happy autumn, everyone!
May you always be toasty and warm, may your cheeks always be rosy, and your tummies full with earthy autumn feasts.

Sophie & Brooke.