The Occasional Shopper - A Floral Affair

Earthy, muted tones are in this autumn, as well as (by stark contrast) the bright colour-blocking of the 60s - or so the Westfield online 'style guide' tells me. My favourite autumn bargain however, has been this little pair of floral ballet flats, picked up for $15 at my beloved bargain provider – Kmart.  

I'm inherently abusive to my shoes: being a photographer I always think about my shoes last; my feet end up on all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather conditions, and mud doesn't mix too well with pretty shoes. I therefore never spend more than $20 on shoes, nor do I buy many "oh they're so pretty!" pairs of shoes. 

But when I saw this pair (on a regular shoe-replacement shop), I couldn't help but try them on. "They'll probably give me toe-clevage," I thought, in a subconscious bid to curb my spending. Alas, they did not, and they were so cute, and they did fit into my Budget Shoe Policy...

I told myself I wouldn't wear them for any photography shoots – I lied. They've managed to survive through several shoots so far, of which I am very proud. I'm hoping they'll last me longer than most!