Short & Sweet - week beginning November 21

Let's catch up: It was just lovely to have Julia Low (and her nifty Polaroid camera) in the office with me last week – someone to banter with as I wrote posts for this here blog and also JUSTB. Julia stayed with me and the husband and the in-laws for a few nights, which got me thinking about work experience as a more holistic experience – i.e. if you want to do my job, you can see how it works in with my whole life, from breakfast to late at night.
This week's agenda: Praying very hard for a young man who is in dire straits... it does not look good. Oh, dear. Also attending to administrative tasks that have built up.  
The Word for the Week: "After Hezekiah recovered from his illness, he wrote this song of praise: 'I thought that in the prime of life I was going to the world of the dead, Never to live out my life...My voice was thin and weak, and I moaned like a dove. My eyes grew tired from looking to heaven. Lord, rescue me from this trouble... Lord, you have healed me. We will play harps and sing your praise, sing praise in your temple as long as we live." Isiah 38: 9-20 

Quote of the Week: "Don't waste your energy trying to educate or change opinions; go over, under, through, and opinions will change organically when you're the boss. Or they won't. Who cares?" - Tina Fey, Madison magazine, December 2011; complemented by, "God's church needs less of my opinion and more of my heart." - Josh Kelsey, word for the week: rankle \RANG-kuhl\, verb:
1. To cause keen irritation or bitter resentment in.
2. To continue to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment within the mind; fester; be painful.
"When challenges threaten to rankle the mind, to stir up unresolved issues and send you into a spin, put on Jimmy Needham's "A Breath or Two", consider if there's anything you need to confess, then lean into God's promises and peace." 
Reading: 'Mysteries of the Mind' by Anthony Daniels, Spectator Australia, 12 November; John Van Tiggelen's profile of Andrew Bolt in Good Weekend. 
The breakfast club: Sustenance! Muesli and blueberries, as prepared by "born again breakfast eater" and scientist Darya Piro of Summer Tomato, only mine with a big scoop of yoghurt for protein punch.

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Heavenly Ingredients said...

oooh, where did you get that muesli? It's seriously hard to get in Australia!