Bulletin Board: Grad school possibilities

Bulletin Board: Grad school possibilities
For many of us, getting by with a Bachelor's degree and real-life experience is fine, fine, fine, but when push comes to shove, those who upscale their tertiary credentials have something extra in the satchel to offer employers. Your Masters can open up the metempirical* world like nobody's business, setting you apart from the competition.

They say if you want to get something done, give it to a busy... mum. Gabrille Kentish, who achieved her Masters of International Business through Newcastle University while juggling part-time work and single-parenting her two teen girls, really sets the benchmark quite high – and she's now considering a Doctorate of Business Administration.

Australia really lags behind in the number of women we have in senior management roles. Research by business consultant Grant Thornton found that just 27 per cent of senior positions are held by women in privately held business, which is ahead of the global average of 20 per cent, but puts us at 16th in the world. This gender imbalance is attributable in part to a lack of support from government, business, community and extended family.

If you want to tackle your MBA, then you will need an understanding family, employer and flexible approach to study. While Gabrille proves it can be done, those considering upgrading their CVs can do so via a personally designed course of study, remotely or face-to-face, to suit their circumstances. Newcastle University is hosting a Postgraduate Expo Day today in Newcastle and in Sydney on November 10. Go here for more information. 

*Cheating! I learnt this word today: it means "beyond or outside of experience".
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Anonymous said...

this sounds very inspiration .. and really impressed how she achieved all this! way to go .. x