Aesthete: Playful lilac infusions

Aesthete: Playful lilac infusions

Top to bottom: "Hello Possums!" says Dame Edna care of Ponystep magazine (you've got to love Dame Edna – my grandma did!); Brisbane-based blog Suburban Insider is one of my new favourites and the trip down Jacaranda lane is wonderful (I love the lilac carpet they create, even if it gets slippery after it rains – watch where you skip, you might trip!); and a decorative idea for Christmas care of Inside Out magazine incorporating a lavender pot. Ingenious.

Girl With a Satchel


suburbansider said...

Hello Erica, Thank you so much for sharing my photo and putting it between Dame Edna and Inside Out - too excitingly special! I am also happy that you've stopped by for a read. Right on with the advice to be carefully where you tread - if it's not the slippery sludge there are lots of sneaky bees hiding amongst the jacaranda petals.
I enjoy reading a blog such as yours with so many thoughtful community awareness links - thanks, Ainslie