Covers: Indira Naidoo for Sunday Life

Covers: Indira Naidoo for Sunday Life
Sometimes magazine covers appear and you think, "Has the art director been in my brain?", because it is just the right fit. Not only have I been contemplating my mother-in-law's excellent veggie patch, from which we procure salad bits and veggies for dinner, too, but after spotting ABC/SBS newsreader Indira Naidoo's new book, The Edible Balcony ($40, Lantern) in The Australian Women's Weekly, I was thinking, "This lady needs to be on a magazine cover!".

And then, whammo, there you go. Well done, Eliza Iredale, photographer Ellis Parrender, stylist Melissa Boyle and hair and makeup artist Jasmin Lo.

It seems all the newsy peeps are getting in on the foodie act in this country: after ABC newsreader Juanita Phillips' A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life and news of Annabel Crabb's upcoming political foodie show, Naidoo is now showing us how to get busy with our own produce, even if we inhabit very small urban spaces. 

"It started with an epiphany, a stopped-in-her-tracks moment while shopping for lunch at a Sydney farmer's market," writes Roslyn Grundy in the cover story's intro. "Offered a cherry tomato that looked much like any other, Indira Naidoo popped it in her mouth and kept walking. "But when I bit into it, it tasted like a bite of candy," says the former ABC and SBS newsreader. "It was just so sweet and so juicy. I could taste Turkish delight and toffee apple. I thought, 'Hang on, where did that tomato come from?'"

She sounds just delicious! You can read the rest of the story over your lunch break here and check out Naidoo's Saucy Onion blog, too.

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