Girl on all the Covers: Emma Stone

Girl on all the Covers: Emma Stone

By Emma Plant

Plain flour name, not a plain Emma Jane at all. Crazy, Stupid Love’s Emma Stone is sending everyone straight into a charm coma. Miss Stone is front-covering every popular magazine around the block. This month’s Cleo, Girlfriend, Nylon and Teen Vogue all have Miss Em looking the part.

She is the Hollywood duchess gracing all corners of entertainment media at this very moment. The antithesis to fellow flame haired Lohan, Stone is seen as ‘genuine, unpretentious and hilariously goofy’. Stone is whom we Australians might endearingly label a dag.

Her daggy, goofy ways have been delightedly received in Super Bad, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Help and most recently Crazy, Stupid Love.

Tut-tutting the gorgeous and silent heroin, Stone plays intelligent, witty and funny roles. In a recent interview with Cleo magazine, Stone mentioned how she deliberately turned down roles that focused on physical attractiveness (the beauty role), not wanting to be type casted to such a limiting character.

In another interview featured in Vanity Fair, Stone discussed everything from obligatory diet choices to her role models. Stone, who says she is "hammy at heart", aspires to be like her favourite actress Diane Keaton. “My female Idols are actresses who never made a career out of mere sex appeal,” she says.

Here here.

It is refreshing to see an actress who exhibits such notable character. It is ‘Pretty Easy’ to talk about not wanting to be the beauty heroin when Stone actually is one. Irrefutably so. Stone’s distinction is found in not wanting The Vamp to be her calling card (cough, Meghan Fox). Stone demonstrates personality, charm and fortitude of character, not necessarily being a role model, but modelling her own role and path according to her convictions.

Watch this face, we say.

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