Occupation: Fransiska, dog-groomer, Uni-Hound, Narrabeen

Occupation: Fransiska, Uni-Hound, Narrabeen
Franciska and "Ollie" at Uni-Hound Pet Grooming Salon, Shop 7, Cnr Lagoon and Waterloo St, Narrabeen
Last year, Fransiska Taher, 37, opted out of her administrative and accounts role at an investment bank to buy a dog-grooming business. 

"This is more interesting to me," she says of her career change. "I love my dogs, so I was looking for something I could do around them. I like this more than crunching numbers and other people's money."

This morning the timid Fransiska is clipping Ollie, who yelps for attention as we chat. Is she happy? She hesitates, then says, "Well, it doesn't make much money, but I like working with the dogs. It's hard work; it was easier being in finance, but it's my own business and I can do whatever I like with it."

Taher commutes every day from the home in Drummoyne she shares with her husband to open the doors of the small shop where she clips, bathes and grooms three to four dogs a day in winter; maybe seven or eight a day in summer. She likes to do a thorough job and takes her time perfecting her work.

With spring now here and dogs happy to trade in their heavier coats for something lighter, Fransiska is likely to find herself well occupied throughout the working day.

A Uni-Hound Wash n Groom (bath, blow-dry, ear clean and nail trim) costs $20 to $35, while a full clip will set you back $60 to $80.

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