Music: Worth your iTunes

Music: Worth your iTunes
By Emma Plant

Just a few little ditties to add some much needed good noise to your weekend...

Last week Florence and the Machine released the new single "What the Water Gave Me". Of course, you will already know of Florence and her beautiful machine. Enchanting, atmospheric music that coaxes your ear drums, the copper-haired lass can do no wrong and this song is ye evidence.

On the Australian front, Kimbra has been touring for the last year, and has finally (and well deservedly) hailed the attention of the masses. Her first single debut "Settle Down" is pretty little feminist poetry. The supplementing film clip is equally as cute.

Kimbra also features in Gotye’s new quirky single "Somebody That I Used to Know". If a duet is up your musical alley, and you appreciate Gotye’s beautiful, harrowing voice and impressive songs, this alternative little number will be well received.

Also on the playlist:

Abbe May's "Design Desire". Punchy, old-school, dirty rock with a big bam of girl power. Not for the faint of heart or ear.

Jackson McLaren & the Triple Threat: "A Whole Day Nearer". Beautiful lyrics and a sentimental voice, an Irish folk song that will harmonize with your wee heart. It’s an apple pie of a song.

The Drums' "Money". Lyrics read: "I want to buy you something, But I don’t have any money, I don’t have any money" – fun, catchy…relevant.

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Great to buy!

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