The Occasional Shopper – Australiana fair

Every so often, I get a rush of patriotism and feel the need to express this in a form of dress. This week I have felt patriotism for France (I am not loyal to my Aussie roots in this regard) along with a rush of state-based pride thanks to Darren Lockyer.

I have worn a nautical-chic look two days straight consisting of a swishy, navy-blue Country Road skirt I procured from my mother (via my sister) and a navy blue and white striped French Connection tee with a pair of Zara wedges I bought in Singapore (cross-continental dressing in this global age is all the rage).

Then I popped into my local RSPCA op-shop and found a brilliant navy tote bag featuring a floral print Jenny Kee would be proud to call her own on one side and a koala (I know!) on the other for $4. I also picked up some Review stilettos for $6 with little spots on them, the sort Coco Chanel might approve of, in keeping with the French patriotism theme (take a peek at Facebook if you care for a look).

Good for me, good for the local economy, good for creatures great and small.

Girl With a Satchel


Ellen-Maree Elliot said...

Very cute. I think I will enjoy this segment xo