Covers: Feast (second course)

SBS Feast magazine.
Walking along Chapel Street, Melbourne, on Saturday before partaking in Yum Cha and tea at The Oriental Tea House with cherished friends (which I highly recommend!), I spotted SBS Feast magazine on prominent display in a newsagent window and thought, "I wonder if it sells more copies in this foodie precinct than elsewhere?"

The second issue of the Pacific Magazines produced title gives us charismatic chef Guy Rossi who talks up Italian cuisine, family eatery Island Dreams Cafe and a trip to New Delhi. We also learn about Serbian Slava, the Orthodox Christian tradition which celebrates Jesus Christ and the baptism of family ancestors with traditional dishes and pastimes: “Slava defines our identity. It’s my heritage that was passed onto me and that I am passing onto my children,” Milica Radan tells the magazine. 

Girl With a Satchel