Covers: The New Yorker – style decision prison

Covers: The New Yorker – style decision prison

Suit and tie? Work shirt and King Gees? Hardly! From the moment a woman wakes up, she's faced with making choices; starting with her wardrobe. And it starts verrrrry early. No wonder so many of us have decision fatigue. But, there's hope! New Yorker illustrator Bruce Eric Kaplan's daughter is four. "This happens every day: my wife wants her to wear a dress, but she'll only wear the same two ugly sweats," he says.

Clearly, she's no Suri Cruise. Embrace the ugly sweats and let little girls play, I say. In fact, Michelle Obama says it too. She's supporting this year's Day of Play – an international event sponsored by kids' TV network Nickelodeon (part of its corporate responsibility efforts, the Day of Play is eight years running) that encourages kids and parents to be active, outdoors – to be held this Saturday.

For those concerned with their little girls' predilection for rampant materialism, at the expense of their state of play, outlook on life and overall wellbeing, I suggest a lovely educational film called Ruby Who, signing up to Compassion's Child Sponsorship program (kids get activity books through which they learn about the world and poverty) and reading 'Net Girls: Body image in the new media landscape'.

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