Thinkings: Charles Ferguson and Muhammad Yunus on banks

Thinkings: Charles Ferguson on bankers

"Lessons have been learnt, but they're not always good lessons. One of the good lessons is that people in general are now very aware that there is something wrong with the financial system and that the level of ethics in the financial sector has sunk very low. On the other hand, the big lesson learnt by the financial guys was that they could do something incredibly bad and get away with it." 
- Charles Ferguson, film director and producer, Inside Job, The Deal magazine, August 2012

"Two out of three people in the world have no bank who would serve them... They only lend to people who already have money. It's a very funny institution. They laughed at me. And I laughed at them... When you go to a bank, you convince them you are trustworthy. We reversed that. We go to the people, who tell us they don't know anything. They're our people. We build her confidence in us. But we give no suggestions. They have to come from her... poverty is not created by the poor. It's created by the system. Just a loan, not even a donation, can change a life. How stupid and stingy does society have to be to miss this chance."
- Muhammad Yunus, founder, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh, Women's Agenda 


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