London Olympics Telegram - by Man with a Bag (back to business)

Thank heavens it's all over.  

The closing ceremony was one big rock concert, a 'music spectacular' starring the Spice Girls, the last great televisual distraction before Britons go back to work basking in the glory of victory, buttressed by the fervor, and upholding the nation's ailing GDP.

We've got to hand it to them, the British Games were fantastically well executed. After hearing all the negative things about transport and security, and the notoriously gloomy weather, it all went so smoothly. They are saying the London Games were better than Sydney.

After Sydney, we were left with whopping sporting infrastructure at Homebush which was hard to harness into a sustainable cash generator. How will the UK exploit its grand sporting investment in a time of austerity measures and rising bread prices, I wonder?

And now our athletes are home. I did catch on television the 'Welcome home to our sailing team' at Middle Harbour Yacht Club in Sydney.

Our sailing team consisted of 13, on a minimal budget, but with top international coaches. They delivered three gold and one silver, which ain't too bad when you compare with the swim team, which is four times bigger and took home only one gold, though I am loathe to rub it in.

The sailors did a lot with a little and the right people. Let's think about not letting our best coaches be grabbed by the big overseas dollars. We must invest in the future and spend our money wisely.

I've already packed my man bag for Rio 2016. I don't even have to leave the couch!

Man with a Bag