London Olympics Telegram - by Man with a Bag (part 3)

Australian swim team: one gold. Cycling team: one gold (well done, Anna!). Track and field team: one gold (well done, Sally, what a race!). 

Sally and Anna were interviewed on the television last night, and they are both articulate, well-spoken ladies who are real ambassadors for their sport. If more of our young people held those girls as role models, we probably wouldn't have so many social problems. But that's just me. They carried themselves very well and their sportsmanship was fantastic. A gold for graciousness. 

But, as predicted, sailing, so far, two gold! And the possibility of more medals. Our 470 guys are in the medal race and our match-racing girls are in the semi-finals. We predict one more sailing gold and one bronze. Thank heavens for our yachties.

By the way, who thought BMX riding was an Olympic sport? News to me.

That's all.

Man with a Bag