Short & Sweet - week beginning March 12

A stunning day on Mount Tamborine
"What are we worshipping?" my mother-in-law preached this past weekend. "What are we making our God?". Newspapers and magazines and media in general have been a particular bugbear of mine (one does not live and die by the day's news, but it can seem that way, can't it – particularly in light of Finkelstein). So keeping them in their rightful place (at work, during work hours, and certainly not the first course of the day) is something I am trying to practise consistently. If only Insiders wasn't so darn interesting! (Great job, Bazza!) 

This rule-of-thumb does not apply to everyone, of course – what is a stumbling block for one person may be a pebble for another. But how can we be true to ourselves, and to God if you believe, if we are not conscious of those things that get in the way of our most important relationships (God, self, partner, neighbours) and cause us more trouble than is necessary? That lead us into hypocrisy, unhealthy habits, wrong-thinking or take away from our peace? Life is all about connection, is it not? But true connection is not always what we're sold. It is sometimes false.

Let's catch up: Owing to the above, it often feels like I'm chasing my tail on a Monday: what on earth is happening in the world? But, then, the exchange of priorities brings other blessings. Like clarity of thought and peace of mind and a husband who feels like he is not coming second to the papers. Life does often feel like an incredibly fast race to be the first and best, doesn't it?
This week's agenda: Swap-party preparations and lunch with two beautiful and talented young girls in addition to writing and general busyness.
The Word for the Week: "Better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting and conflict." Provers 17:1
Quote for the Week: "Don't ever become so busy that you fail to realise how very happy you are!" - Kathryn Hillen
(Vacuous) thought for the week: Is it okay to wear your hair in braids in your 30s? word for the week: pococurante \poh-koh-koo-RAN-tee\, noun: 1. Caring little; indifferent; nonchalant. adjective: 1. A careless or indifferent person.
"Please don't mistake my infrequent blog postings, or silence at the breakfast table, for pococurante affectation. Your company is appreciated; I am simply processing excess information."
Reading:'Am I pretty? A troubling question among Christian women like me' @ Christian Today.

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Thought provoking! Plus what a cool word - not even going to try and spell that one. x