The Occasional Shopper: a swap soiree

A simply skirty item from the snag-bag
By Bec Isijanovski

This last Saturday I attended a fun little gathering with some lovely lady friends and piles of pre-loved clothes at what is known as a "Swap Party". With cupcakes or coffee in our hands, we all went shopping through each other's clothes.

Previously, I had attended GWAS swap parties in support of my travelling partner, Brooke. This was a few years back when Brooke and our mutual friend Karen were headed off to Uganda. The Swap was held while they were there as financial support. I became a big fan of this type of event, whereby I could help my friends do their good work, and also get some new clothes in the process.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I like a good party. Most of my life has consisted of planning extravagant parties for myself and my friends. The GWAS swap party has always rated high on my party ranking list, mostly because of the lovely company. It is a nice time spent with girls and women from the area, catching up or meeting for the first time, and getting together for a cause.

Bec Isijanovski @ Girl With a Satchel

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