The Satchelist: Elijah and Mikayla, high-school sweethearts

The Satchelist: Elijah and Mikayla
Elijah Cavanagh and Mikayla Graham, Hillbillies Cafe, Mount Tamborine
Like Justin Timberlake taking a turn to make movies and invest in MySpace, singer/songwriter Elijah Cavanagh, 19, has seen his creative interests progress from poetry into music video production. 

"I started writing poetry, writing down what I felt at the time, when I was 12 or 13, and my step-brother Sam had a guitar and he showed me how to strum it, and I started singing what I'd written to that," says Elijah. "I was terrible. The guitar was terrible, my voice was terrible."

Since those early adolescent days, his music style has gone from folksy/easy-listening to something with more of a groove, and he's also recorded a demo CD, an EP and an album, which is available on the internet, from his home studio, where he also started recording his friends.

"Once I got more into it, and learnt more, I started buying gear to record professionally," he says. "I was doing a recording session one day with a band and decided to film it, and after that I decided to go to different locations, set people up and film music documentaries."

Elijah's business, Life In Sound, has been in operation for four months now and is yet to make a buck, but that's his aim. His father is his biggest supporter, but girlfriend Mikayla, 17, who he met at high school and is studying primary education at Griffith University, is also a fan.

"She's awesome," he says. "I don't have much to compare our relationship to, because I didn't really have a girlfriend before her, but it's been cruisy."

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