Creative: Love with LIOL magazine

Creative: Love with LIOL magazine
A year ago, Hannah Truscott was studying marketing at business college when she started researching current and past magazines. She was miffed by what she found.

"I was so upset at all the articles and pictures that it really made me think how it all impacts our youth and young people," she says. "I felt really encouraged to do something about it, so I met with some friends and we brainstormed some ideas, and it kept coming back to charity work and people making an impact using their gifts."

And so LIOL magazine was born. Originally Hannah envisaged a free quarterly print title distributed in high schools, but with two jobs on her plate, she reasoned that what she could do was create a YouTube video to share online via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr when she could, together with regular words of inspiration and encouragement (aka Love in Other Languages).

"It's great how you can set your mind on something like having a print magazine, but to see how change can be good," she says. "I was blessed to go to the USA with a friend who offered to come around and interview people for me. We met some amazing people and incredible organisations and went from there, just making videos in parks, hotel lobbies, cafes... anywhere and everywhere."

So far the LIOL team have interviewed the likes of Vampire Diaries, Stan Walker, Superchick and Switchfoot, but it's the clips of everyday girls and daily pick-me-ups that really resonate: "The expression we wear on our face is far more important than the clothes on our back"; "Behind every successful child is an adult who believed in him"; "All things that become great started small."

Part of LIOL's focus is community charity events, but you can be involved in spreading the word and its vision of a more positive world for young people by liking the Facebook page.

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Unknown said...

What a talented young lady, awesome fresh and realistic concept.