Arts, Culture & Entertainment News – February 9

Our friend Phillipa Finch has joined the ranks of finalists in the SXSW Interactive Awards. Ms Finch, whose emotional ruin is somewhat Miss Havisham-esque, is the creation of the inimitable Emma Magenta. You can read our coverage of Phillipa's latest adventures here, and our interview with Emma here. Read about the other finalists via Screen Australia.

Naomi Watts is to play the part of the late Princess Diana in a biopic focusing on the last two years of her life. "The announcement of a new film, Caught in Flight, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (who made Downfall) and starring Naomi Watts in the leading role, is the first serious feature biopic about the princess," reports The Guardian. "It reportedly focuses on the last two years of her life." Is it too soon? Is it necessary?

The John Butler Trio (Image: From Under the Basement)
The John Butler Trio are in a twist about a tune, not unlike one of their own, played during a yoghurt commercial at the Super Bowl. Fans of the Australian band were onto it the minute the $US3 million, 30-second ad for Dannon starring John Stamos (of Full House fame), broadcast during the third quarter of the match between the New York Giants and New England Patriots and viewed 900,000+ times since on YouTube, went to air. Sounds a lot like John Butler's single "Zebra", they said. Dannon is reportedly looking into the complaints. The ad, created with the help of crowd-sourcing website Poptent, is by two young creative directors, Remy and Andrew Neymarc. In this age of copyright confusion, this will be a tough lesson for the young blokes – let's hope it doesn't ruin their career prospects while the Trio gets due recognition and/or financial compensation.
Rachael Taylor and Josh Lawson star in Any Questions for Ben?
Rob Sitch's Working Dog production team (the one behind The Castle and The Dish) is set for a stellar year with the release of Any Questions for Ben? this week (just in time for Valentine's Day!). The film is based on Ben, a 27-year-old brand marketing exec who is in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. The Australian's Michael Body called it "more Woody Allen than Mel Brooks". 

SBS Feast magazine, March issue
Featured in the new edition of SBS Feast magazine is Rebecca Sullivan of Dirty Girl Kitchen. "Rebecca Sullivan is recruiting an army of women to create a brighter future – one that’s full of homemade jam, community gardens, girl power and plenty of hands-on work," says Feast. "It’s rather fitting that among her circle of friends, 30-year-old Rebecca is known as ‘the granny girl’. While this nickname refers to her love of making jam, it now holds new relevance. Rebecca is the founder of Dirty Girl Kitchen, a project which seeks to ensure that food heritage and ‘granny skills’ are passed down from older generations of women."

In a "Parallel Lives" story for U on Sunday magazine, stand-up comics and radio presenters Kat and Stav Davidson talked about how to make their marriage work (he gets ready at 4am for the B105 breakfast show; she works as a producer/presenter for the ABC). "We communicate, solve our problems before they get bigger," said Kat. "I think some people assume that it's normal to fight and insult each other and it isn't." He added: "She likes to sit and read a book while I play my PlayStation, whereas a lot of guys are like, 'Oh, if I could only play my PlayStation, my wife won't let me'." 

And the charity Look Good Feel Better has launched a new TV campaign starring its patron Kerri-Anne Kennerly...

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