The Media Satchel - Rudd rage upstaged on front page

Look! It's Annabel Crabb's recipe book!
Not great for business unless you are a newspaper proprietor or seller, the 'Extra, extra, come-and-get-it' Rudd v Gillard leadership challenge has been met by BRW magazine with contrition. "It's disastrous for business," says editor Kate Mills. "Business wants certainty more than anything else, and this sideshow is a big distraction." 

If only Annabel Crabb could have had Rudd and Gillard on her show, Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb, everything might have been resolved over a slice of Persian Love Cake and a cup of tea. "Even the most disciplined politician will soften if there's food and wine involved," she said in the debut episode featuring Christopher Pyne and Amanda Vanstone. "And the very best way to get to know someone is in their own kitchen." For his part, Pyne disclosed over the meal, "I don't have any friends on the other side of politics... I like some people, but it's very hard to be friends with people who want to have the same thing you want. It's a zero-sum game, politics; there's no second prize. It's hard to be friends with people who are trying to make sure you lose your seat... I don't like Julia Gillard... I just look at the way she treated her friends... I think loyalty to friends is something other politicians respect." Or else, knives out...

One of Australia's favourite political reporters, and queen of the political Twitterarti, Crabb said this to Mediaweek about her show: "I was looking for people whose public persona is not exactly what they are in private. One of the great privileges we have as political journalists is seeing them as they are. It's kind of a sad thing. Part of the idea is to democratise that a bit... I enjoy talking to people, I enjoy having a bit of a laugh with people. I enjoy asking people about themselves. And that's what this is... You talk about life. You talk about their experience of life in this career in politics. We talk about public life and how you negotiate that. How you deal with it in family life. Funny incidents along with way." Alas, while Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek have signed on, Julia Gillard is not to be a guest: "I did have a word with the MP about it and she gave me a look that said, 'Oh my God, what are you up to?'. I didn't ask her again because I didn't think the timing would be right."

While the morning papers were flush with news of the leadership tilt, the major TV news bulletins failed to capitalise on the buzz last night, notes AdNews. Kevin Rudd's resignation of his Foreign Ministry position occurred just after 5pm (AEDT), well-timed to dominate the night's news bulletins, but it was but a blip on the audience radar. My Kitchen Rules was the night's most popular show, gaining more viewers than Seven News.
But, reports The Sydney Morning Herald, it was "game on" for Channel Ten this morning as Breakfast had its debut on a day of major news. Michael Idato reports: "Ten's decision to launch Breakfast this morning was made last night; it was originally scheduled to launch next Monday. It's a smart move, allowing the show, and its hosts, to participate in coverage of the Labor leadership fight... As a result, Ten's rushed-to-air Breakfast looked a little rough around the edges but the alternative - to come to the party four days later - would have left a news-oriented show looking like it was well behind the clock."

Paper Runway magazine will be hosting The Paper Trail, a "celebration of all things paper", in Byron Bay from May 25 to 27. Opening with an exhibition at Ark Park and coinciding with the magazine's first birthday, The Paper Trail will feature a paper workshop on paper marking, creating paper zines and the art of paper cutting hosted hosted by artists and product designers. "The possibilities with paper are limited only by our imaginations," says editor Nikki Buckland. "Through the creation of Paper Runway magazine, we’ve discovered a whole world of exhilarating paper art and exquisite paper products. With so much of our lives nominated by digital and electronic media, there is a real craving out there for the beauty, simplicity and versatility of paper." Funds from the exhibition will be donated to NAPCAN, which works to eliminate child abuse.  

My Place produced by Penny Chapman and Helen Panckhurst for ABC/Matchbox Pictures.
ABC TV has won two Kidscreen Awards for international television at a ceremony held in New York and, notes Mediaweek, received more nominations than any other broadcaster in the awards across all categories. ABC3's drama series My Place, series two, won the Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series Award for the second year in a row and ABC4Kids Giggle and Hoot hosts Jimmy Giggle and Hoot, won the Best On-Air Host or Hosting Team Award.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has responded to the deaths of journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik in Syria: "Marie has set the standard for correspondents for three decades, reporting from some of the most dangerous places in the world with flair, courage and determination," said Alliance federal secretary Christopher Warren. 

"Remi had just been recognised with a World Press Photo Award. Both journalists will leave a huge gap and will be mourned by their many friends in the industry and those very many people who were touched by their very fine work. This tragic incident is a terrible reminder of the dangers faced by the brave men and women who risk their lives to bring us news from the frontlines of conflict."

In other media news, The Herald Sun will be implementing digital subscriptions from next month along with a new website based on a "freemium" model; Fairfax, which has announced profits are down in a luke-warm advertising market, is focusing on internet TV

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