Short & Sweet - week beginning June 4th

This week is sure to be one of relief for four aid workers who were rescued by the British SAS after being taken hostage in Afghanistan by armed men for reasons that were not politically motivated, and relief for the British SAS with all hostages being retrieved unharmed (an effort to rescue a British aid worker in 2010 backfired disastrously with the aid worker losing her life in the chaos). UNESCO is warning Australia not to allow the construction of new ports along the Great Barrier Reef as the precious natural-wonder comes under threat from "unprecedented" coastal development, and jobs are continuing to be cut at News Limited and Fairfax Media as the chief newspaper publishers proceed with plans to centralise production and editorial operations, with 28 printers made redundant in the last week at News's Queensland Newspapers - poor print!!

Let's catch up: I spent this week tediously working away at building my new website (and literally not much else) before finally getting it up online, followed by a huge sigh of relief and a good break from computer related activities. I then signed up for my first pair of glasses - simply for computer use, I was pleasantly surprised to find I still had good vision, hoorah!
This week's agenda: My week is a fairly full one, though in a very pleasant way; amidst The Satchel and other jobs here and there (a somewhat 'foodie' theme coming up this week), I have a very important 21st to be celebrated (no, not my own), and the best friend's wedding - I'm SO excited!
The Word for the Week:  "Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up." Proverbs 12:25
Quote for the Week: "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle." Benjamin Franklin word of the week: bosh \ bosh \ noun;
1. Absurd or foolish talk; nonsense
"UNESCO has declared that the proposed development of coastline along Australia's Great Barrier Reef is absolutely bosh."

Hoping your week is off to a wonderful start,
Sophie @ Girl With a Satchel.