The Occasional Shopper: Magical manifestations

The Occasional Shopper: Magical manifestations

The stores have filled their racks with trench coats and gorgeous heeled suede boots, and if that weren't exciting enough, it's perfectly acceptable for you to look layered up and a couple inches thicker than you are, because everyone else does too! 

I love the styles and colors of this season. It's all browns, burgundys, dark greens and navy, with the essence of the 40s and 50s evident in the cuts and collars.

Just as the autumn chill was starting to set in, and I was on the hunt for jackets and things that would keep me warm, I came across a pair of shoes that would be the perfect complement to my imagined wintry wardrobe down the aisles of Target. Though, after a beloved Target dress had fallen apart on me, I made an oath never to return, a friend prompted me to reenter the forbidden shop floor. And so it was that I promptly found myself in front of a shoe rack.

There sat the aforementioned shoes, with a crossed off price tag hanging from the leathery heel. I cannot remember how much I spent on them, only that I fell in love with them immediately. They have served me well so far, shielding my poor feet from icy winds and muddy puddles.

One autumnal morning, when the trees were losing their leaves and carpeting the paths with their golden glory, I was out having breakfast with friends. I had been dying to take a photo of my charming little shoes, and thought that maybe people wouldn't think me so ridiculous if I was taking a photo of nature, which just happened to include some cute Peter Pan-esque shoes in the frame. Nature really is a handy escape in all sorts of ways.

As the full brunt of winter looms closer, the time I have left to wear my little shoes is getting shorter, so I will enjoy whatever time I have left with them until spring. Soon it will be time to reach into the back of the closet for the ankle boots I got last year, and then realise what I bad idea that was. Perhaps now my faith in Target has been restored by my clod-hopping find, I will now spend a joyful afternoon perusing the shoe racks once more.

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Footprints Australia said...

I love Target - their City Options range is great for work. However, I will no longer buy their jewellery because it always seems to fall apart within only a wear or two :-(

Becca H. said...

Ah yes! Target jewelry is infamous. Better to keep to the shoe racks and clothing ranges I think :) Thanks for the comment Footprints Australia!