Creativity: Living with heart by Beci Culley

"It was one of those days where the sound of rain was tucking me back into bed. I felt like I had a lot to do but rather then getting it all done it was time to put my feet up and have a relaxing day with a hot cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit to recharge.

During this day of bliss I was watching the
Ellen show where she was in the middle of giving a car to a young couple living in struggle street. The young newly weds were living with their parents, had a child under one and another one was on the way. When Ellen had heard their story, and saw that they were doing it tough, she took it upon herself to help them out.

The moments where people are helping others in need without any expectations of a return favor is like a feeling of a blanket being wrapped around your heart. There is a warmth about it that not only helps the person in need but it evokes a wave of love and generosity that other people who are watching on, clasp hold of then release to others.

The expression of “Living With Heart” is what I have used in my little sketch to describe this act of kindness. Living with heart is to care, to love and to wrap a blanket around someones heart to show them that there is hope in this world." - Beci Culley

Beci Culley, "creating life through art",