Short & Sweet - week beginning January 30

Readers, meet Betty, our new puppy. She's a little bit cute.
Djokovic won the tennis and promptly tore open his shirt, while a 31-year-old homeless man was murdered in St Kilda this morning; a sobering juxtaposition of current events that remind us it's a topsy-turvy world of victory and violence as we enter a new week.

Let's catch up: With the media focusing on the highs and the lows, we are quick to forget that for most of us there is a lot of mundane, challenging, humdrum in-between that goes on; the training, the studying, the research, the grocery buying... But it's those in-between days that count the most, because they add up to a totality of a life and strengthen us for the inevitable highs and lows.
This week's agenda: Behind the scenes, there is a fair bit of thought that goes into correspondence (with God, contributors and readers), while pressing life matters (like a gaping hole in one's tooth) are also being attended to (as you do and I do, too). If GWAS is not up-to-date, then this is generally why, but we are slowly getting into the flow of things.
The Word for the Week: "Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD." Psalm 27:13
Quote of the Week: "I worked hard and every time I stepped on the court ... it was like: 'Vika you know what, you have whatever, 40 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, to make a difference, to become somebody who you've never been before'. It was just self-belief." - Victoria Azarenka, winner of the Australian Open women's final. word for the week: conciliate \kuhn-SIL-ee-eyt\, verb: 1. To overcome the distrust or hostility of; placate; win over; 2. To win or gain (goodwill, regard, or favor); 3. To make compatible; reconcile; 4. To become agreeable or reconciled.
"After an agreeable goal was settled upon, a sometimes laborious process of conciliation with God, she felt all was good and right in her soul. And could finally move on."
Reading: 'Nigerian Christians on violence alert' @ The Australian.

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Serena {Pretty Fluffy} said...

Helloooo Betty! So adorable Erica - congrats on your new addition!

Rebecca said...

so cute!