Creative: Spoonful magazine's sixth issue

Creative: Spoonful magazine's sixth issue

Sensing a great deal of glumness around the traps, I think I shall buy up a few copies of Spoonful's latest issue to stash in my handbag in order to bestow on the very down and very low. 

It's a delightful little pick-me-up. Regardless of your thoughts on happiness (some say, stop striving for it; others say, seize the day!), there is no harm in taking a moment to revel in sheer visual inspiration and positive prose, and Spoonful has twenty-four tiny pages of that.

The latest addition to the Spoonful stack includes sixteen sweet musings on the happy state ("sinking your toes into cashmere socks"; "shy smiles passed between two strangers on a bus"); a wandering through the mountains of Bavaria with Toni Weber; artistic takes on the humming bird; Katrina Meynink's layer cake recipe; Amy Corbett Storch's column on spilt milk and irrational tantrum throwing when you are the mother, not the child; and Annet de Vries' Personal Attention Kit instructions together with her thoughtful words.  

Girl With a Satchel


thea said...

hopefully those 'very down' and very lows' then become very up and very highs!!

thanks beautiful erica :)