Short & Sweet - week beginning January 23

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The newsagent is packed with harried mothers who have left the book-pack purchasing to the last minute, the leafy street front outside the primary school is busy with bumper-to-bumper four-wheel drives, and mums in stylish garb hold the hands of their little ones and make way to the gates (soon to get back to the computer for a Facebook piccie update). 

Is there a more special occasion than the beginning of a new school year for adoring parents for whom the school holidays drawing to a close is just as exciting as the break from routine the end-of-year brings?

But, no sooner have the little ones, and their teachers, got into the groove of things, including the new National Schools Curriculum, we will all take a week-day off to celebrate our nation's founding amidst talk of a referendum to acknowledge indigenous Australians. 
Let's catch up: Her books covered in contact, her lunchbox packed and hair in pigtails, my niece attends her first day of school today. I am thinking I will drop by for afternoon tea. Meanwhile, around The Satchel, we are anticipating the arrival of a new family member: Betty, the puppy!
This week's agenda: Interesting people to meet and issues to contemplate.
The Word for the Week: 'Why are you crying out...Tell the Israelites to move on.' Exodus 14:15
Quote of the Week: 'If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.' Thomas Edison word for the week: natheless \NEYTH-lis\, adverb: Nevertheless.
"Natheless, it was to be that Little Olivia would embark on her first year of primary school education come January 23."
Reading: "You Will Never Guess Who Is Really Responsible For The Softening of Males In The Church" by Mark Sayers.

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