Media Talk: Jo Walker on Frankie's longevity

Media Talk: Jo Walker on frankie's longevity

"I'm not sure if people generally are losing interest in celebs and fast fashion (there's certainly a lot of it about) but those are things the internet can do way better than print. frankie readers are looking for something different; something they can't get online. That's the whole experience of a quality mag: everything from beautiful stock and design, the touch and feel of the thing, to great writing, amazing photography, and something that takes a little more time than a quick scroll through a website.

Being a bi-monthly, we're very concerned with things that last. You can pick up a copy from two years ago and get as much enjoyment out of it as the one that's on newsstands right now. As we only have 140 or so pages to fill every two months, we're even more obsessed with awesomeness! Only the bestest things go in.

Our social media strategy... is not to really have a social media strategy. In terms of what gets posted on the blog, facebook and twitter, it has the same feel behind it as the mag: just whatever pops into our head that we think is neat and we want to share. As a consequence, that has actually got more people popping past who might subsequently go out and buy the mag. Which is a nice by product of the whole thing!"

frankie magazine currently has sales of 56,361 copies every two months; 203,000 readers; 109,778 Facebook friends; and 31,733 Twitter followers.

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