GWAS Notes: Frock Paper Scissors 2011

GWAS Notes: Frock Paper Scissors 2011

Today marked the initiation of the editorial team for Frock Paper Scissors magazine 2011. An absolute spectacle of creative talent, youthful exuberance and bundles of nerves, the students vying for the top positions on the masthead pitched and impressed their way into the judging panel's periphery via PowerPoint projections and five-minute presentations and personality evocations aesthetic, verbal and visual.  

From 8am until 1pm they took centre stage, with minor technical difficulties and change of location failing to dull the momentum. At least seven pitched for the coveted editor's role, creative types auditioned for art team status, grammarians vied for the subbing desk, sartorial types fashionated us with their flair and writers fessed up their features ideas.

The annual fashion and style magazine produced by students at QUT and overseen by Kay McMahon and myself (garnering us 'Managing Editor' status, which amuses us no end), Frock Paper Scissors is designed to give students the hands-on experience of producing their own magazine, from flatplan to finish.

While the managing editors – revealed to all next week – set the vision and pull together the troops, the 70 or so students who have opted to contribute a project to the magazine are left to bring their work to fruition. A nurturing hand, a compassionate ear and a cupcake or two to sweeten inevitable blows to the ego, many friendships will soon be forged as the magazine is compiled, lovingly and adored. It's a privilege to be watching on each Tuesday as the Frockers set to work.

Girl With a Satchel