Ad Talk: Right on, Target

Ad Talk: Right on, Target

After last week's talk of Photoshop, it was refreshing to see this Target ad in The Australian Women's Weekly positioned between the L'Oreal Paris ad featuring a luminous Gwen Stefani and another L'Oreal Paris ad featuring Laetitia Casta (tagline: 'Find your infallible fit'). 

The model pictured is pretty as can be, but she has retained some of her eye wrinkles (more like crinkles). Of course, Target is a brand that's more accessible to women, so it's fitting that the image, which accompanies a 'Mix and Match' product selection, is not out-of-this-world unrealistic. Super-white teeth? Yes. Nary a skin blemish? Yes. Smooth decolletage? Yes. But crucially, the eye area remains pleasantly untouched.

Easy on the Photoshop, pleasey to the eye.

Well done, Target.

Girl With a Satchel


Kate Moore said...

She does look a little like our newly minted Royal, Catherine, don't you think?

carolyndonovan said...

It stood out to me more than anything else in the magazine simply because it was so...ahh?...refreshing. That is the best word for it. Refreshing!