Girl Talk: Impressing or blessing?

Girl Talk: Impressing or blessing?

Every time I pass one of the blackboard signs created by Jodie, who owns the Last Tango boutique on Mount Tamborine, I smile. She's so clever. 'Tis a lovely, witty but simple way for her to bless the local community. Similarly, there is a woman who I pass on my every-second-daily walk who puts a spring in my step with her infectious, wide-brimmed smile.

I often think that if people were more motivated by giving of themselves to others then the world would be lubricated with love; but we are a selfish bunch. When we feel insecure and unsure of ourselves, we tend to store everything up because every day is a rainy day. Or, conversely, if we are secure in our lovely little worlds, we fear letting others in as they might disrupt the equilibrium.

I'm often guilty of this, holding back on a smile or dinner invitation or phone call or giving away the stuff that I accumulate because I don't feel great about myself and therefore the WHOLE WORLD must suffer with me (pity party for one, whee!). Still, I know that once I release those things into the world, the blessings I get back are manifold. Always. Without fail. I practised it yesterday. It worked. Not that getting back should be the motivation for giving. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. So, this week I'm all about this mantra:

Ask not who can I IMPRESS today with my gifts, talents, stuff, money, knowledge, power, humour, skills, kindness and love, but who can I BLESS today with my gifts, talents, stuff, money, knowledge, power, humour, skills, kindness and love.

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Lizzie said...

Love, love, love this post! Thanks Erica!! :0

Anonymous said...

I have a read a lot of articles and blogs recently decrying the rise of social networking, and claiming that Gen Y's addiction to Facebook and texting will lead them to become disengaged and socially backward, starved of real, person to person contact.

What none of these articles seem to realise is that Facebook and other social networking sites are not replacing real life interaction, they're enabling it. As Ellen-Maree points out, most people use Facebook to stay in contact with friends and organise get-togethers and social events. I know of no one who actually uses applications like Facebook chat or text messages for all their social interaction. Rather, these tools are used to keep in touch with what's going on in the lives of friends in between been able to see people in person. I agree that without Facebook I would have lost contact with a lot of people from high school, and from previous jobs and uni courses. Now, I can look them up whenever I went and suggest a coffee date or invite them to a party. Social networking is making people more connected, engaged and socially aware, and I hope that soon the ways in which people use it will be better understood by those in the media, and the doomsday proclamations of a disconnected youth generation unable to function in the real world will end.

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

I love this! You are spot on - giving and loving without expectation of return brings about wonderful things for the heart and mind. Its infectious also! Thank you for this post, I loved it.

D. said...

I am both impressed and blessed with this post. Thank you.