CHICTIONARY by Clare Press

(I speak, you speak, we all speak...FASHION)

F’row Word of the Moment

Camel. (Kah-melle) n. The new black.

Other colours make regular bids to be the new hue (green, for example, as all things eco gain style momentum) but rare is the contender that pulls it off meaningfully, i.e. as a genuinely viable wardrobe alternative to fashion’s pet noir.

The Little Cream Dress? Nope. It shows the dirt. A cerulean velvet Le Smoking ensemble? Come off it. The go-with-anything tailored plum pant? So far, so unlikely.

And then, just when fashion has grown a little too complacent, vamping up and toning it down season upon season in safe old classic predictable black, along comes camel and changes everything.

Before you can say Hannah MacGibbon (okay so that’s actually quite a while because MacGibbon is a mouthful but you get my drift) more than just your Chloé clones are clad in camel. Camel coats, quilted camel leather bomber jackets, draped camel skirts, camel bustiers, camel minis, camel capes, leg-lengthening über flattering camel pants and even camel disco dresses are cropping up all over the catwalks. Camel ball gowns? Why not! L.C.D. Wardrobe System? You bet. Black is so last season.

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