Snapshot: Bec & Grace - musically inclined

Snapshot: Bec & Grace, musically inclined
Bec Isijanovski & Grace Harrison
By Sophie Baker
It was put out on the wire (Facebook) that there was to be a musical community event at the local cafe in a quiet country town where nightlife is something of a rarity. On arrival, seats are scarce but the sounds emanating from Bec and Grace wrap around the body like a beautiful rug. 

Local talent bursting from the building, the two fresh young faces – all smiles and a hint of nerves – produce enchanting harmonies to boot, lulling the senses into a soporific state of bliss. I could have listened to them all night. 

It wasn't an obvious pairing at first for 18-year-old Rebecca Isijanovski and 17-year-old Grace Harrison. Originally operating under the assumption that their voices were far too different to work in cohesion, the pair proved themselves wrong after a few just-for-fun jam sessions. 

"Both of us are extremely musical people and have similar interests and taste in basically everything, so when we began singing together, we kind of “meshed”," says Bec. 

"Our voices are really different on their own but they just seem to work when we sing together. It’s odd. We really began to realise this when our family and friends began commenting on how good we sounded together. Then a gig opened up for us, a chance we jumped at." 

See after the jump for Bec & Grace's rendition of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon.

The duo have a natural proclivity towards creativity and music developed in childhood with both singing from a young age and picking up the guitar over the past few years, what Bec, who also plays piano, calls a "natural step to take". 

"I guess I’ve always been the creative type," says Grace, a student. 

"I’ve been playing the piano for around eight years now, along with various other instruments, and I love to read and write. I’m the kind of girl who has always had three diaries on the go at one time, who actually gets excited when school gives me creative writing assignments." 

Grace writes her own music, but isn't yet confident to have others hear it – for her, the lyrics written in clandestine are cathartic, not necessarily for radio airplay a la Taylor Swift (though perhaps one day they will be, as she has her sights set in an album going Platinum... tongue in cheek; though, why not?). 

"Whenever I need to get thoughts out I put them into a song," she says. "It's a way of expressing myself and putting my emotions out into the open. I’ve been known to “vent” in songs, if I’m angry with someone it sometimes comes out in lyric form! But don’t worry, I never mention names."

For Bec, expression also takes place on her blog, which you may have heard of here before and transports her to Paris, where she'd like to visit next year.  

"I love creating, writing and listening to music for the most part, but I love crafty projects and writing for my blog, The Journey To Paris," says Bec, a candy-store girl by day. 

"Having adventures with friends is also something I love doing. I want to discover life outside my own little world and experience new things. I’m hoping that Paris will inspire the artist in me and I will get to write a heap of songs and just be creative. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

Now, after playing their first public performance together, the yet-to-be-named harmonic duo are setting out to carve their own mark into the musical scene.  

"It was so much fun singing with her that I soon forgot that I was supposed to be afraid!" says Grace, who lives by the motto 'Whatever you are, be a good one' and also shares a Christian faith with Bec. 

"As I started to get to know her better we both realised how much we had in common and how well our voices “fit,” we began to hang out more and... well, that’s it. We became “us.”

Bec & Grace are open to any opportunities to play. If you're looking for some light musical entertainment for your next event, you might like to contact Bec and Grace at

Sophie @ Girl With a Satchel.