Video: Madeleine Wiedemann, Bella magazine, Emily's Voice

Video: Madeleine Wiedemann
Madeleine Wiedemann. Photography: Sophie Baker
Madeleine Wiedemann has a powerful voice. Taking in her talk for Emily's Voice at Easterfest, I can't help but be reminded of Emma Stone in The Help. It's not just that their looks are undeniably similar; it's their passion for a cause. 

The production editor for Bella magazine and a spokesperson for Emily's Voice, Wiedemann is one of the most authentic, generous, courageous people we've had the pleasure to meet. She shared her story with Sophie and I from the Bella magazine tent. If you're not a Christian, some parts might be hard to contextualise, but we hope you enjoy our chat nonetheless (and the background music care of the "Chai Tent", too!) after the jump... 

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Anonymous said...

I respect your beliefs Erica but I think sometimes you come across as a bit preachy in posts like this. I don't read a media blog to find links to an anti-abortion site asking me to sponsor an unborn child.

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

Hello anonymous,
Thank you for leaving a comment and for the respect. The "preachy" thing is something I get a lot as the blog has evolved to be about more than just media, but an expression of all my interests: one being media but people and faith, too (as per the sidebar this-is-what-the-blog-is-about wrap-up). Perhaps you are not a regular reader to have noticed the shift over the past 12 months or so? If not, then this post might address the issue:

I felt I didn't do Maddy justice in the needless and wordy segue into the video, which I have pasted below. As a fellow media-maker, who has studied sociology, too, and shares my faith and whose back-story I find inspiring, I felt Maddy to be more than a worthy candidate to feature here. Her association with Emily's Voice is a personal choice, and I think she's very brave for being a voice in a debate that does not altogether favour a point of view that values life no matter the personal cost.


The intro:

The crowd is transfixed by this young woman with the pregnant belly sharing her story; a story of a teen abortion that she wished she hadn't had. She wished she'd known back then – as a smart, pretty but vulnerable young woman – that she had options. She doesn't preach from on high, she speaks from the heart. Afterwards, people flock around her. Madeleine Wiedemann has that affect on people.

She doesn't want to deny her experience, but to use it for good. To let this one aspect of her history define her would be to rob her of a personhood that is wonderfully complex (creative, humble, hilarious, highly intelligent), a future so exciting (soon-to-be mother-of-two!), and a mission so well defined (helping teen girls to be all they can be) that you can't help be inspired, encouraged and energised in her presence.

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

The post that goes someway to addressing the issue of the blog's shift:

and this follow-up...

And there are some thoughts on pro-choice/pro-life following another post here: