Glossy Talk: QWeekend shines (plus Writers on Rafts)

Glossy Talk: QWeekend shines (plus Writers on Rafts)

"On Wednesday, January 12, the sun came out for the first time in weeks. It was incongruous. It was almost perverse. It was as if the stage lights had been flicked on for us to better see our own tragedy."

- An excerpt from Matthew Condon's poignant, rhythmical, beautifully crafted QWeekend cover feature. Tragedy inspires some of the most powerful work, no?

ABC 612 Brisbane's Jenny Brennan has also written a moving first-person account. And you might want to check out Writers on Rafts, an excellent fundraising initiative involving 130 writers, literary agents and publishers across the country, organised by the delightful Rebecca Sparrow in conjunction with the Queensland Writers Centre.

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