GWAS Note: The gift of giving

GWAS Note: The gift of giving 

Imagine if every child in Australia were to request something for a child in a developing country on their Santa's wish list, and likewise we adults? What a nation of generous givers we would become!

My in-laws have already started this tradition in our family, of supplementing $50 of our usual Kris Kringle allowance for a gift or supplies for someone less fortunate. This year they gifted me $50 of library books to equip two volunteer teachers in Bangladesh teaching literacy to children through Baptist World Aid. Husband was gifted $50 to assist families in Zambia generate income through pig management.

Of course, there are numerous charitable organisations that could use your financial support – I personally find that whatever cause I choose to give to speaks to me on a personal level at the given time, which doesn't make it conditional, but more genuine. By tailoring the gift to your loved one's interests, as my in-laws' did, we can surely cover a lot of ground?

Happy gifting!

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


ashley said...

Amen to this! I keep telling friends and family to not give me gifts this year much to their disbelief. I feel like I have enough though and am more looking forward to the sentimental memories rather than things I don't need. Thanks for the idea xx

Lizzie said...

Last year my husband surprised me with a gift from Heifer. It might be the first time I have ever cried over something he has given me (apart from my engagement ring). He's very kind and thoughtful to begin with, but that was totally unexpected and wonderful to receive. There are so many great charities like that out there where you know your money is going to somewhere productive and practical.

beatrice said...

hmm..we are al great with theory, the problem occurs when it comes to putting it into practice. as a thought, yes..there are many charitable things one can do, and despite the possible false impression, it doesn't really asks for much..starting with donating blood-that at one time may come to save a life,you know- or doing some volunteer work at a nursing home or orphanage..there's just some much you can do!