Girl Talk: Disney Dreaming and Demi Lovato

Girl Talk: Disney Dreaming and Demi Lovato

This week girls were reminded of the fallibility of Disney-made glossy cover girls. But, says teen blogger Georgie Carroll, that's no reason to stop dreaming.

On Monday the lovely people at Disney helped realise a dream of mine by supplying me with tickets to EuroDisneyland. Giant posters of Demi, Miley and Selena were up around the park, as were big screens playing the theme songs to their TV shows.

I stood there watching them and thinking to myself about how they have everything I could ever want and how their lives are completely and utterly perfect. Then I came home to an internet connection and read about Demi.

To hear that she had checked herself into rehab for self harm and an eating disorder broke my heart. As the complete and utter fangirl that I am, I had always thought that if you were a 'Disney Princess' everything was amazing; you got your happily ever after and nothing bad would, or could, happen.

Demi and her fellow teen stars get to date the hottest guys (Jonas boys, I'm looking at you), are featured on magazine covers, have their own TV shows and appear in movies, but I guess this new turn in events just proves money can't buy you happiness.

Being a teenage girl today is by no means easy. There is so much pressure placed on us by our friends, family, the media and, most importantly, ourselves. We spend so much time trying to achieve this illusive perfection – the top grades, the skinniest bodies, the hottest boyfriends, invites to the biggest parties, popularity – that we neglect to stand back and realise that this perfection doesn't actually exist.

Of course, we then discover this the hard way and end up in a vicious cycle of hate, more often than not directed at ourselves, because we're just not good enough. We end up self-destructing because our happily ever after isn't occurring like it's meant to.

Demi has taken the first step to saving herself and I can only pray she influences other girls to do the same. We just all need to remember that our happily ever after is really just on the next page, we just need the patience to wait.

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