Glossy Talk: Poh for cover (putting it out there)

Glossy Talk: Poh for cover (putting it out there)

Sometimes if you say your wishes out loud, or blog them, they come true. So here's what I'm egging for today (oh, yes, bring on the food puns): Poh Ling Yeow for an Aussie glossy cover.

Let's take a look at some of Poh's glossy credentials, shall we?

- thanks to the omnipotence of MasterChef, she is an instantly recognisable face;
- she has a nationally broadcast television show with her name in the title (watch Poh's Kitchen on iView) and an iPhone app and Facebook page;
- she has a deal with ABCBooks/HarperCollins to publish two cook books;
- she has a Bachelor of Design from the University of South Australia and has exhibited her illustrations and paintings (brainy, creative, crafty girls are all the rage right now – see Frankie magazine's success);
- she is 37 years old but has the skin of a baby (no need for Photoshop!);
- she is also utterly delightful (my dad concurs);
- she is the ideal blend of food, fashion, passion and pretty (just like Nigella and Sophie!);
- plus, after seeing her on last night's episode I resolved today to wear something red and bright and fun. That's influence!

So, enough of Jen (all the Jens!), Gisele and Gaga for a second – give me some Poh, please. That's some pocket money I'd be happy to part with.

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Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Jasmine said...

Ooh covergirl AND role model material, right there! I've been looking for Australian role models recently.

Alex said...

I totally agree - I love Poh and would be very compelled to buy any glossy with her face on the cover.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! And I think she is a great role model for Asian-Australian too :-)

Perth Girl About Town said...

I totally agree. She is such a good role model for girls out there.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY!! I'd buy pretty much any mag with her on the cover! (And my mag consumption is VERY restricted these days, so that's saying a lot!)

Sara said...

Yes! Love Poh and her show!