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(I speak, you speak, we all speak...FASHION)

F’row Word of the Moment

Fashion fatigue. (fash-on fateeg) n. General malaise prompted by fear of falling for yet another catwalk trend. Style system overload. Need to reboot (but please no more new boots, not yet, not until I’ve checked in – and out – of runway rehab).

The condition: The frenetic pace of fashion activity can lead to what’s been dubbed Fashion Fatigue Syndrome (FFS) in those who’ve been overexposed to too many trends and mood altering editorial images. If left untreated, FFS can lead to extreme and destabilising trend apathy, and ultimately – bad style. Yikes.

The symptoms: For healthy citizens of Planet Fashion, a glimpse of Louis Vuitton’s new ladylike look brings on a deep desire to go forth and purchase a new full skirt. This, you will recognise, is the normal reaction. But those afflicted by FFS appear unable to distinguish a natural, healthy yearning for fabulosity from rabid, unacceptable greed and stupidity. Sufferers report increasing down-in-the-dumps, woe-is-me feelings on exposure to new heel shapes or panels of ruched velvet. I spy Vuitton? “Time to scream and run!” say they. For the fashion fatigue victim, the September issues are simply too, too tiring.

Treatment: There are currently no drugs available to tackle this dangerous virus. The best way to beat it is to go cold turkey in a controlled environment. Then, when your system is out of shock, gradually reintroduce it to its past passions via short trips to Gucci in the CBD and controlled flicking through Grazia. In time, most victims can be successfully rehabilitated into the fashion fraternity, although the stigma surrounding the illness persists. Do what you can to spread the word – knowledge is power.

GWAS Note: Mrs. Press is a busy lady (book writing, fashion designing, blogging; you know how it is), so shall be dropping by GWAS sporadically to impart her words of fashion wisdom.

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