Glossy Talk: A love letter to Sophie Dahl

Glossy Talk: A love letter to Sophie Dahl

I adored this eloquent reader's letter penned by Jennifer Villarina and printed in the June issue of U.S. Vogue in praise of Sophie Dahl's Up Front piece, 'Secrets of the Flesh':

"I feel it may have been a mistake for VOGUE to publish Sophie Dahl's "Secrets of the Flesh". In doing so, your magazine has set the bar for future articles about food and diet impossibly high. The depth with which Dahl writes about her personal experiences (as a voluptuous model surrounded by calorie-obsessed mothers, a chronically ill waif, and finally a food writer) is unique for someone with her background. Dahl's description of her ultimate appreciation for food as the fuel of life and source of memory is eloquent and touching. Her writing is as balanced and flavorful as the good she describes and–like a perfect meal–left me happy and satisfied."

My sentiments exactly (but expressed so much better). It is more than a little ironic that Vogue should set the bar for body image editorial. But there you go. Wintour wonders never cease.

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Anonymous said...

Shame the food series she presents on BBC is so excruciating. She comes across as a spoilt little rich girl playing at being a cook. 'Don't we all remember how lovely it was to come home from school for the holidays?' Em... no. Because most of us only went to fee-paying boarding schools in our Enid-Blyton reading imaginations. One can't help thinking the only reason she has the series is her looks (and, of course, the Dahl surname). Which seems like a poor show from a public service broadcaster, which might be expected to be looking for talent, originality, training. The sort of things we can all aspire to.

Laura said...

Love Sophie Dahl! Can't wait for her TV show and wish she would launch a blog and iphone app asap. Real and talented.

Vinda Sonata said...

wintour wonders never cease. haha. yes. i think sophie dahl is amazing! i really like her!!

Megan C├ęcile Radford said...

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on them using Terry Richardson as a photographer even though he has been accused of sexual harassment and frequently performs sexual acts with models for the camera.

Cynthia said...

Dear all: I'm from abroad and I cannot get Vogue UK around here. Does anyone know where I can download Dahl's complete article from?

Thanks in advance,