Beauty Talk: QV Skin Care (Sponsor Spot)

Beauty Talk: QV Skin Care for Winter

While a little late to be jumping on the 'Bloggers Without Makeup Day' bandwagon, herewith Yours Truly, without a lick of makeup on her face, touting the QV skin care range, which is very good and so CHEAP!

Please refrain from comments about my nose/eye bags/annoying fringe/facial expressions/general physical flaws. I'm quite well acquainted with them already. Thankfully, QV is for dry and sensitive types like moi, and GWAS readers are really quite lovely!

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Anonymous said...

I love ego products! My dad used to work at the company so we are extremely loyal users.

Ej said...

I use QV cleanser and eye cream, love them to bits.

SquiggleMum said...

So glad you played along for bloggers-without-makeup. Erica you're gorgeous inside and out, with or without makeup.

Talia Cain said...

You're bloody beautiful Erica. It's lovely to see your face, as nature intended! X

Rochelle said...

You look divine. I wish my skin looked that great makeup-free!

thea said...

Well, when I'm in my thirties with no makeup having not had a skin regime I'd like to look like you, thank you very much!