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Taking note of The Clippings Post submission requirements – more particularly the point that states "no 6000-word essays from The Monthly" – the political journal took it upon itself to make a submission this week.

"We are tickled by your bar on 6000-word essays from The Monthly for The Clipping Post section. However, we thought Girl With a Satchel might still be interested in a comparatively short 2900-word piece on what is Australian style by Clare Press."

Interest piqued! And any misconceptions that the title's staff is made up of a bunch of crotchety old curmudgeons who bore each other to death with political rhetoric and dad jokes is laid to rest. I'm a sucker for cheek. And equally tickled that the title's young editor, Ben Naparstek (who lifted the title's readership 45.2% last year) had the good sense to commission a piece by Press.

Those who lamented her departure from Vogue Australia, and have enjoyed her "Chictionary" musings on this here blog, will find Press in full, fashionable feature-writing form in "Blankett Slate", an essay investigating the essence - or lack thereof - of Australian style. Press' writing is the pinnacle of Australian fashion journalism – expertly and wittily crafted, but without being stuck up its own bum.

While entertaining, it's not just a fluffy filler piece – description, anecdotes, observation, history, pop culture and media commentary all come into play as Press considers the impact of a little label called Romance Was Born, the influence of Balmain and relates a tête-à-tête with Jenny Kee.

At a time when Harper's BAZAAR has eschewed the long-form fashion essay in favour of shorter trend spiels and Vogue's essays are consistently more explorations of the female condition than how women interact with fashion, The Monthly is all the more appealing for women who like their fashion with some intellectual fortitude; those who are just as likely to be interested in Germaine Greer as Gucci.

I implore you to pick up a copy or read Press' piece online.

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