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I'm always impressed with the layout of "Sunday Best", a front-of-book page in The Sunday Telegraph supplement Sunday, and Donna Reis' small piece on op-shopping (accompanied by illustration by Henry Obasi) was an extra treat (I love altruism mixed with a shopping activity).

Raymond Gill's piece on the relocation of The Age headquarters from Lonsdale Street to "a swanky new home on the corner of Collins and Spencer Streets": "It's all very Michael Douglas movie now with acreage of open plan glamour, veering more towards Devil Wears Prada than All The President's Men," he writes. An insightful, humorous and metaphorical tribute to "stained desks...with dead newsprint" replaced with "upright desks so sparse and pristine that at special moments you can almost imagine what it must be like to be Sandra Sully reading the late night news on Ten".

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